07 August 2010


Olivia comes home from camp today! I'm sure we'll have a week full of school shoe shopping, etc. - in fact, I know we have to purchase some sort of highly coveted $100 calculator AND, I believe, field hockey practice is in full swing. The camp photos from the last night have not been posted yet, so.... we'll just have to wait to see her. Maybe we'll go to lunch.... I'm sure she'll want to get right back to her friends (those who didn't go with her, that is).

Good night last night .... Went to First Fridays at the Frick (see photo of Lil in her handmade butterfly mask - glitter and feathers - Ooooo :-). The boys (and even Lil) found some of their friends there and played tag and caught lightening bugs in the trees next to the kids cottage all night (they could even run through the beautiful little garden there). Hubby and I had cheese and fruit - saw some friends - chatted and relaxed while listening to music (were treated to some of Lil's dance moves ;-). On the way home, Milo stubbed his toe pretty badly but patched up nicely after a late night shower (some complaints this morning about the band-aid), and Lil had fallen on the way there (remember, we do everything at 9,000 mph), but... all in all, no problems (aside from one mean older boy who was maliciously throwing berries at my Enzo - why do parents let their kids do that - act mean, that is? At first, I thought it was part of the game, but it became clear it wasn't. I am not a fan of ostracizing or picking on one person. Weigh in on that if you want, friends - was on my mind for a short time last night). In fact, even end of night, sniffly Milo in stroller - happy Enzo basking in a good night with his friends and Lil, sweetly holding my hand as we walked to the car in the dark - happy Frick attendees stopping by a brightly lit antiques shop - all in our familiar school neighborhood - was good - calm and festive. Anyway, came home and watched The White Stripes' Canandian documentary - Under Great White Northern Lights - it was really good - good music - good interviews. GOTTA love the White Stripes.

No coffee filters this am - looks like a store run - for hubby ;-). Busy week - I'm glad to have a quiet morning (though there is talk of gummy bears for breakfast in the kitchen, so I better go intervene ;-).

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