23 August 2010

Still some summer left!

Yesterday, I ventured out with Olivia to get new running shoes for her, food for dinner, etc. - basically, we just ran some errands. I have to say - I have NEVER seen the stores so crowded - filled with college students shopping for dorms and apartments - parents helping gather items for the semester - high schoolers and grade schoolers alike snatching up uniform khakis, buying folders, trying on shoes, etc. It was nuts - but, admittedly, a little fun since we did see some people we know - quite a few actually. Olivia chose to sit in the car while I "ran" into the grocery store (I have no words to describe the lines). At one point, I found myself conferring with two women I know in produce, at which time, we all discovered that our respective family members were sitting in cars waiting for us :-). In fact, my Olivia was sitting behind one of her BFFs, Olivia Z, the whole time and... didn't know it (despite the fact that they were texting away ;-).

Speaking of the Olivias..... once home, we hosted all three for dinner before they happily headed up to an "end of summer party" up the street given by a boy we all know. And... speaking of dinner, hubby did a marinated pork roast that was quite tasty - lemon, olive oil, oregano and garlic - only marinated for an hour - grilled it - very nice. Anyway, it was funny listening to them as they dipped shrimp and drank lemonade and Coca Cola, chatting up a storm before heading out.

So .... yeah..... summer seems to be coming to a close. We have a play date coming over today. One of the people I ran into yesterday was Enzo's kindergarten teacher who said she would be putting the kids repeating this year together (three total for sure). This boy coming over is one of them - fast friends, truly - I couldn't be happier that he will be with Enzo again (both of them very young last year). Shopping for new Crocs later (Milo actually tore the toes out of his - !!!) - AND Olivia's high tech "graphing calculator". Had to wake Olivia B, who slept over AGAIN :-), for high school tennis practice this am. And so it begins.....

Photos: More summer "stuff" :-).

Oh - and my reason of the day to join zulily :-)??? Pluie Pluie rain gear for kids on sale - cute boots, etc. See.... it's that time of year (speaking of school clothes....;-).

OC field hockey parents (you know who you are :-), remember the parent meeting today at 6:05 pm (????) - Winchester Thurston. AND - all OC parents, we can pick up schedules today (fingers crossed for Spanish class for Olivia - we hear it fills up...).

I know I'm not a retiree, but... saw this, naming Pittsburgh as consistently ranked a top "quality of life" city to live in :-).

And.... in low-end Pittsburgh news, here is an example of someone who just doesn't get the whole "civil disobedience" thing (a G20 protestor - if you can't do it right - don't do it - vandalism on hard-working businesses is NOT cool).

Also, take a quick look at Burgh Baby (see my blog list) for the world's best popcorn idea (truly - AND a really helpful fact that I had NOT heard of - can't believe I didn't! You'll see....).

And... finally.... latest toy and other product recalls courtesy of Parents Mag (mostly applies to wee ones like my Lil, but... worth a look for all).

Happy day, all.

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Facie said...

Every time I read about some food you (or your hubby) made, I feel inspired to cook. Unfortunately, the inspiration dies in about two minutes.

I am not ready for summer to be over. I know we packed a lot of park going and swimming into it, truly embracing the hazy, lazy days of summer, but I feel as if we did not do enough. I just want to stop time for the next three days. I am not ready to give my baby up (except when she is driving me crazy and then I want to drop her off at school a few days before it starts!).