09 February 2010

Random retail thoughts... and serenity gone...

Have already had to take away a candlestick, a little chair, markers and some Indiana Jones whips. Lilliana alternately coloring herself and wanting to endlessly "washa my hands".... Milo jumping on the couch and using aforementioned candlestick as musical instrument (HAD to have climbed onto the dining room table to get it) - Enzo attempting to power through some homework AND make up work from when he was sick (wow - do I wish we had some actual time to concentrate) - Olivia JUST getting up (hear her coughing upstairs - which means we're all on the road to "not healthy"). None of my little ones ate any of the different breakfasts they "ordered" (and sometimes the short order cook gets irritated and swears under her breath) - middle schooler now officially moving and wants one of my famous steamers (coffee, MILK, sugar) - Milo smells like mint and I just noticed that ALL the leftover candy canes are gone. ALSO - just noticed recycle bin is overflowing - we're out of garbage bags - the kids have discarded juice cups, etc. all over the house. NOT EVEN NOON! You know - I'm not sure if I've eaten OR showered in a while..... feeling a little woozy.... Sometimes when I feel woozy like this and I have the 5 min. required to post my blog thoughts, I also email or text my husband valid, important info. ;-), but... sign or lead into messages calling him "cupcake" or "love bun" to see if he notices and / or responds to it. Never. Anyway ....

Distraction: One of my friends, a Rachel Zoe fan, told me that I remind her of Rachel when I gesture with my hands and speak in my clipped tone. At first, I thought - and NO ONE has shot me yet?!?! Kidding - really - I just didn't KNOW her - plus I don't always like to acknowledge my inner intensity - PLUS I have been made to feel guilty for totally giving in to my fashion interests (good earth mothers don't do such things - gag). Deep breath... Now.... I'm OK with it - totally became a fan on Facebook (slipping.....). Oh - and check out these PRECIOUS chocolates (if my Olivia would let me do a b-day party for her this time of year, I could hook her UP with trendy baubles...;-). AND - Gilt Groupe (would link - but I think you have to be a member) has some nice Burberry on sale today at noon. Ooooo.... feeling like doing my silly "magazine" again.... I've got some ideas, all :-) including this "might be worth a look" coupons for the day in Pittsburgh.
And... geez.... while I'm at it - I have a soft spot for English preppy - check it out.

See ya - Milo is ON me for a drink -no a granola bar - no he peed himself - wait..... hopefully, I can entice him back to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (our big Fios movie purchase of the day) ...:-).

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