17 February 2010

A "to do list" of sorts

Pressed for time today but have lots to say

So - continue to stay safe and healthy. We did not have school again today as our school follows the Pitt Public Schools and, shockingly, they called off today - probably because of the bottle neck nightmares and children left at bus stops or on buses yesterday due to the piles and piles of snow, half lane roads, etc. Ventured out today and can report roads OK in Sq Hill - much better in Regent Sq area - better than yesterday, but... Also - stay healthy. We have this monster cough circulating our house now, and it is not going away anytime soon - seems to be a culmination of many ailments.

Pay attention to That's Church (formerly PittGirl - remember her?) on my links list. Another plea for Haiti, which... I firmly feel that we should still be contributing to monthly to keep funds, supplies, support going and going (almost posted as much the other day then snow hit. My BAD in a big way :-). Have to throw in my two cents as usual - disagree, in part, that ONLY Pittsburgh would respond to the plea for help for the Bresma Orphanage in such a way as is posted on her blog. Thankfully, "'burghers" are very loyal to their native sons and daughters (Ali and Jamie are from the area). This country is full of "Pittsburghers" who still firmly believe that if it doesn't happen it Pittsburgh, it doesn't happen at all (I closely observe this group of "enlightened" Mt. Lebanon grads from years ago as an outsider and can report that they, in fact, will never "leave" Pittsburgh - some in body - some in spirit). Anyway, thankfully, these women were from the area, and Pittsburgh did, in fact, pull those orphans to safety. Having lived all over myself, I am hoping that other cities will follow suit.

Keep watching the Olympics. Sad for boarder Lindsey Jacobellis who missed a chance for gold redemption ....yesterday was it??? The men's skating is interesting - all emotional and talented guys... Nice diversion - these Winter Olympics - uplifting in a way :-).

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