08 February 2010

Day 3 - snowed in

Ventured to the airport today (successfully) to drop off a visiting relative - hit the store for supplies (it is unbelievable how much milk, juice, diapers, pasta, bread and eggs or how many frozen pizzas, snacks and frozen veggies you can go through when the whole gang is homebound).

Feeling a little antsy - want to get my hair cut but don't want to get our "bad in the snow" van stuck anywhere - want the kids to get back into a school routine, but... like having them home too..... I guess we'll just see what the day brings .... Calling for more snow - See... I think I'm just freaked out that the whole time I've lived in Pitt, any threat of a snowstorm turned into a big disappointment. Not this time!

Anyway.... photo: more 8th grade skiers from Friday (my Olivia is in blue in the back, wearing goggles - and these are some of her bestest buddies :-)...

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