12 February 2010

Need to make a Trader Joe's run -

- among other things. Need to do SOMETHING about my recyclables (I'm aghast at how much milk my kids drink - that and the frozen pizzas we've powered through this last week - hubby actually said he's beginning to "feel bad" about the bacon "situation"). Today, Lil chose an outfit of a two-small cardigan (bare belly underneath) and a pair of Old Navy sweatpants that are so short, they are pretty much ONLY sleeping pants lately. Not today. Today, we are embracing our "not going to see other people so - oh well..." selves (oh crap - my boys aren't even dressed - and I can't remember if I am - did I sleep in this? Is Milo wearing hot pants? Does usually impeccable Enzo have mismatched prints on?). Oh - I've got some weird and lovely photos to share when my computer time is increased to more than 5 min. a pop.

And like I said... I really need to go to Trader Joe's. Like most families, we have certain favorite things that we buy from TJ's, and... now.... after a week of doing without these highly coveted items.... we are feelin' it. Time to make a list - salty cheese that Olivia likes - check... Enzo's favorite organic corn flakes - check ... decadent mini peanut butter cups that we all like - check..... actual dinner items like pasta, mac n cheese or fun salad dressings - check (if I have to ;-).

No productive posts today (aside from giving equal props to any retail mentioned :-).... just a quick rant..... So... Olivia's friend, Olivia (that's right - another one), slept over last night. This morning, as we made beds and started the day, I saw the purple sort of gingham fitted sheet (Land of Nod - so nice - but from Olivia's old "Paris" little girl bedroom - have now graduated to trendy dotted Pottery Barn stuff) lying in the hallway. I said, "Why don't you leave this on one more sleepover (having JUST washed it) because, for sure, it will be Olivia up the street who sleeps on it again." And... my Olivia said, "Like - when did you last wash it?" That coupled with "we really need thank you notes - I feel bad that I haven't sent thank you notes" (btw - I have to like tie her to her desk to write thank yous - usually, they go out WEEKS - even months after she receives gifts - so now.... when I'm snowed in with preschoolers, I get kicked when I'm down - and it hasn't even been ONE week since she received gifts) - and the sniffing of glasses fresh from the dishwasher because she's convinced they are dirty - not eating my dinners to the point that I have to have a dinner party just to see people happy with my food (thank you, too, Marcello, who loves my food :-)... What IS it with teenagers?!?! I work, work, work, and... you don't notice AT ALL? Anyway.... I'm more than a laundress and dish washing expert, so..... TAKE THAT! Oh.... and btw - how was your elaborate steak dinner last night and fully stocked freezer / pantry full of tasty treats and totally updated iPhoto for your Facebooking pleasure - and no problem - you can borrow my new UGGS - and, btw, I like your Coach bag, new yoga pants, brand new ski gear (complete with goggles more expensive than my whole outfit) - and don't worry, we'll get you safely to the ISEE tomorrow to complete your application to Shadyside Academy and Oakland Catholic (wait - I don't really remember having a CHOICE in my high school).... OK - I think I'm done, and.... if not, I'll rant to my coffee mug (coffee was goooood today - hot, strong, sweetened a little too much - perfect.... and hey - I just found my bright side - and I'm actually laughing - these teens KILL me ;-). Uh oh - hubby going to work off site... OK ... so like, go enjoy your breakfast burrito and kid-free time.... I totally don't care (I'm kidding - really....).....

Today's photo: Um... like where's my latte and driver???? Love you, Olivia ;-).

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