09 February 2010

Still semi-snowed in...

... and more is coming.

Although we are experiencing a bit of cabin fever, we are also enjoying this reprieve from the daily grind a bit. For us, we had our fun dinner party and confirmation ceremony on Thurs. with family, snuck in a successful ski outing before the snow came on Friday and spent the weekend running in the snow, hanging out with the neighbors, sledding on our very cool makeshift snowboarder hill, tunneling in the snow, sitting fireside with soup and coffee, baking cookies. Marcello worked from home yesterday so we all had lunch together. We've watched a couple more movies as a family - sat down (all of us!) to a relatively quiet dinner yesterday. Last night, the boys dozed off in their beds watching a movie, cookies and milk on their bedside tables while Olivia watched her "night of shows" - Marcello and I relaxed and watched our silly kitchen / food shows and Lilliana went to bed early, I baked cinnamon bread. It's nice.

I have to say, laundry has been neglected in lieu of finding games for kids to play, putting endless wet snow gear in the dryer and trying to wrap up other family loose ends we wouldn't normally have time for... like filing paperwork, organizing photos, etc. But all in all, I've seen more creative pretend play with the kids (this morning, we've already been a doctor's office and a busy restaurant. For a bit, Milo and Lilliana were attended to by Dr. Enzo who had them covered up and was giving them sips of a carrot and orange juice mix - now, he is referring to one of them as "Chef").

So... time now to figure out how to handle homework that is due, school projects that need to be handled this week, Valentine's Day parties that need to be coordinated and more - all not knowing if we're even going to go....

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