13 February 2010

Yeah - I think I've officially "had it"

OK - so the roads are snow-covered again - and that fine mist of snow is falling - the same type of mist that coated us these past few days... um... make that this past week. I like snow, and I am enjoying my kids. Enzo is more snuggly with me this week - happy to see me every morning ("mommy!") - Milo is looking older to me - like he got taller overnight (and I'm reminded that time IS passing and I should cherish more) - Lilliana is talking more clearly (and, of course, our video camera is broken so we've been breaking out the iPhone for filming A LOT lately), and I definitely have had a lot of time with her "helping me" around the house and all (we made some pretty sweet and tasty corn yesterday for a little taste of sunshine - flash frozen so it was nearly fresh) - and, of course, Olivia has had a great week - time with friends, a party in her honor, a great ski outing, etc. Marcello has a rekindled interest in skiing, and it has been nice having lunch with him or just laying low together, but.... I think it's time to get out (and I did get everyone out for a walk and snow play yesterday, but... I actually did not see another adult - just me and more kids :-). I mean, our life IS great, but we do have some hard days - particularly when our choices are limited by weather or other odd circumstances ..... life in the trenches with kids - a rant for another day, really.

Anyway - time to get out - school fundraiser tonight with hubby - maybe dinner before. Hey - that is SOMETHING. Looks like we may actually get our new second car today (though I am still mourning my Jetta - aka - Gwendolyn Delilah - and, btw, I'm not so odd - the other guy who's car was hit in the accident was talking to me about my poor smashed Jetta at the accident scene, and I told him her name & how I felt about her, and he said - "don't feel weird -that's how I feel about old Ally here" and patted his car on the hood :-).

Enjoy the Olympics everyone. And please keep the poor boy who was killed on the luge yesterday and his family and his teammates in your thoughts and prayers. Terrible, terrible incident.

Photos: A portion of our extensive "self-portrait series" - ME and toothless Lil, ME and Olivia last year (who informs me, btw, that my comments in my previous post about the latte and driver are more me than her - puhleez... I haven't had a driver since my parents lived in Europe and no lattes since last week - trying to sound, deliberately hypocritical and, therefore, funny ;-) - may just sound spoiled), ME and Enzaboo on his first day of preschool??, and ME and crazy "Mad Milo" one summer day last year?? - and then... just ME feeling a little crazed and cooped up, I believe, last year at this time (See a theme emerging? I'm celebrating all my "me time" with the gang ;-) - plus one of beloved hubby swinging one of the boys (??) - have always cracked up at the amount of "air" this particular photo shows off.... that kid is flying!!

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