15 February 2010

Up late with the Olympics

So I'm up, checking school closings, dipping whole grain pretzels in mustard and hanging on every little thing these skaters, skiers and boarders are doing. Happy for Bode Miller (and his bronze medal) who seems to have grown up - way past his flippant attitude in Torino (don't know if I feel that way because I heard he now has a two year old daughter, and I have a two year old daughter so feel an odd affinity for him OR if his interview and his comments really did seem more gracious and mature than a few years ago ... anyway, hubby feels that same way - first spotted him snapping his gum and winking at the camera - initial thought: still a jerk - changed after his great downhill performance and grateful interview following). Just watched the finals on Seth Westcott's amazing gold medal-winning snowboard run - came from way behind to pass EVERYBODY! Interesting guy - restaurant owner, etc. - saw a profile on him earlier today (before our power went out for a few hours... yeah - like I always say, a rant for another day....). All these "30 somethings" winning medals! You go, guys! Hanging on the pairs ice skating now. All those spins and throws are amazing. Pulling for the Chinese couple - married, retired, also 30 somethings :-) - highly favored for gold. Love the Russians and their beautiful extensions, and that German couple is amazing.... More on that later.... probably in recap mode. Congrats to Apolo Ohno too, of course (I don't hang on the speed skating as much - though my Olivia wanted to be a speed skater at one time :-).

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