23 February 2010

Shamrock Shakes and Arizona Kids' Jeans....

And these are a few of my favorite things lately :-).

I have been meaning to rave about the very cool brown corduroy kinda / sorta skinny leg with flare-ish boys pants (sizes 5 & 6 / 7 respectively - for E & M :-) that my Mom got my boys for Christmas for some time now. I am such label girl - such a jeans snob (currently eyeing some Seven jeans for myself now) - though, don't get me wrong - I have plenty of Gap 1969 jeans and Old Navy garb in mine, hubby's and kids' closets, that... I didn't even know about Arizona jeans - available at JCPenney apparently. Very cool on my little guys - they look like trendy, hipster, ready to play, ready to attend posh kindergartner's b-day - I mean easy to clasp, modern, go with anything pants - and affordable too. Love'em!

And cracking up at the Serious Eats blog on my page (see blog list). There is a lengthy commentary on the cult following of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake along with a disappointed review of this year's offering (complete with a comparison to the 1983 version - ah - a memory from when I was a kid). Anyway, I DIG the Shamrock Shake - YUMMEEEE - but, apparently, it falls short lately. Bummer. I did find this fake Shamrock Shake recipe, however. Have not yet tested it.... but worth a try. Happy early St. Patty's Day, I guess!

And.. in a food-related note, my favorite food show host, Padma Lakshmi of Bravo's Top chef, had her baby. Sincere congrats to her!

Finally - one of my favorite local museums, The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, has received a prestigious national award for, basically, improving the lives of children and adults in their community (green-related improvements, type of exhibits, etc.). Sincere congrats here too!

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