06 February 2010


At least 18 in!

I'm from a snowy climate - grew up with memories of blizzards - sledding - skiing - even tobogganing. I'm loving that, in our flat - not a hill in sight - front yard - we now have a little kid- worthy sledding hill that zips across our walkway and over to the driveway. Our kids and the neighbors have been using it all day. Our oldest, of course, had to head uphill (our street IS definitely a hill - in fact, good luck getting up it right now without 4WD) for a BIGGER hill - all suited up - ski pants - jacket - soggy UGGS.

Last night - huge flakes falling - neighbors and Olivia's sleepover friends (and me :-) out and about - running the empty streets - taking pictures - enjoying how the trees looked all covered in deep fluffy snow - until like midnight! Today - grilled cheese, hot dogs, soup and hot chocolate fireside after REALLY enjoying a beautiful, sparkly, sunny snowy day (and our sweet neighbor made the kids some snowflake cookies). I mean - they were sledding (safely) for HOURS - all my wee ones! And this snow is definitely just made for snowballs, forts and snowmen - we tested it at dinnertime last night as it was falling - felt almost balmy watching those flakes fly. All my skiers had a good time too :-) - not to mention their joy at hearing the Independent School Entrance Exam was cancelled until next Sat. :-).

Have fun. Stay safe.

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