17 February 2010

The Bake Shop is Open!

We have become quite the prolific bakers whilst inside these days :-). We have sweet and tangy lemon squares, creme-filled chocolate cookies, both glazed and chocolate donuts, iced cinnamon rolls and are preparing to make blueberry buckle and / or banana bread. Cupcakes are a favorite in this house, so... maybe later in the week - especially if we get more snow ;-).

Recipes to follow. Still one of those "pressed for time" days :-).

Oh - and check out the half pipe with Shaun White thus far in these Olympics ;-).... I have a tendency to get antsy when I'm pulling for certain athletes and, yeah, I "Google" results before the event actually airs in my area :-)... while I bake and hang with the kids, that is ;-).

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