19 February 2010

More board, ski and skate watch... kids back to school ....plus a Wii "rant"

Let me preface this with a mention of my need for downtime - hence, my "thing" with the Olympics this winter. Yesterday was an endless sea of unfinished errands, sloppy weather, dirty dishes and laundry (and even if I choose not to deal with it and play with kids, do our number or dinosaur puzzles - whatever - the piles are STILL THERE), dinner to be made, homework to deal with, no sleep (an old dance injury - which was aggravated by one of those "don't know what it is but many pregnant women experience such things" issues from Round 2 pregnancy years ago - is acting up in my leg -making me sleepless all hours), little food (I am watching fat and sugar - a "good Catholic" would say because of Lent - but I just feel lumpy and like Jello) - plus (and this is nothing serious - I am totally being whiny) feeling under the weather with a cough, congestion and headache. Today, I have soup and toast, movie time with Milo, down on the floor rug play with Lil - that kind of thing - on the agenda (oldests finally riding the bus today so no grueling / demolition derby pick up :-). I digress.... AGAIN ;-)....

So - was so excited for the women's half pipe competition, and... wasn't disappointed - Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark won silver and bronze, respectively, but my favorite, Gretchen Bleiler fell both runs as did another team mate. Interesting and fun to watch regardless - results and story here.

I try to watch the singles skating - last night, men, but.. have never been really enthralled by the event. I find the pairs exciting, but... the single skaters.... not so much. I mean, they are REALLY good, but... I just can't tell one jump from the other - find the programs a bit long... the costumes odd .... Anyway Evan Lysecek won gold - have a bit of a soft spot for him because he looks exactly like all the cousins on my Dad's side of the family. Truthfully, I don't know that much about men's skating, but I did think Johnny Weir put in a good performance last night... really good - entertaining - he has beautiful arm movement. I rather like him - despite hearing that he is "controversial". I find him to be a sincere competitor - attentive to his coach - and.... in his head shot that they use to introduce him on screen, I dig his fur coat and sunglasses :-).For some reason people don't like him....

That short track speed skating relay is CRAZY - the way they push eachother and remain all over the track as others skate... NUTS... need to focus on that more next time (though I think there are races coming up).

Enjoy this nice diversion from everything. The Olympics are great.

In closing (and a last sports-related note): Can Tiger Woods make a comback? Hopefully not. And... got an email from J.Crew, which I do love, that said "Give it up for Frank" - apparently, head of their men's design dept. So... I looked. I kinda like what he does (though am not crazy about the gingham for men new arrivals :-(. Anyway.. another diversion from J.Crew :-).

Have a good weekend. Taking a few days off to attend to some stuff for my kids. Enzo is having trouble getting back into a school routine (and, truthfully, my wee ones run around all day - Olivia watches movies and texts friends in her room - while Enzo sits and has lunch with me, asks me questions, enjoys going over his numbers and letters with me, etc. - so I miss him too :-) - Olivia is still applying to some high schools though has been accepted at her top pick so... more paperwork - Milo seems really adjusted and is enjoying school but needs to learn to go into a gymnastics class on his own.... shows talent but can't move into team trainer position until he will go in without me - Lilliana is craving lots of one on one play time lately and needs to get into a movement or dance program (so far - too young for most like Pittsburgh Ballet Theater so... looking for an outlet for her). All expected to be checked off my "to do list" this week (because, for the record, I HATE the Wii - find lately that my little ones are obsessed with it and, because it is in a common area of our house, I can't clean, read, write, eat, drink coffee, talk on the phone, pay bills - do ANYTHING in peace without being bothered by requests to play the Wii coupled with refusals to play with other toys, watch movies or do art projects - all because of the freakin' Wii - ready to pull my hair out and / or throw it into the backyard... Getting out is a huge challenge with all the slipping, car doors opening into snowbanks, having to let kids off in the middle of the street to get to the school, huge slush puddles, ice falling, etc......So... going to FIND those new outlets!!!).

Photos: Little pieces of my schoolkids' rooms.... all (even Lil goes to "morning out" like a big girl) back to school this week :-).

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