02 January 2010

Wondering and probably wishing a bit...

I suppose for a good new year.... Wishing, that is. The wondering is just... well - plainly spoken - do you guys really do New Year's Resolutions (why do I feel the need to cap that phrase - like it has huge significance)? I've already seen some posts indicating that it, at least, crosses your minds, readers, to do so, so.... if you can / have time - whatever, let me know. I really am interested. I do know we're all getting back into our day to day lives, though, and business as usual will, once again, prevail. I've been pretty prolific in my posting lately, but... in truth.... probably won't be able to grab the 5 - 10 min. my quick posts require in the coming days (usually can't grab 30 sec. if I'm not on "vacation" ;-), so... in a nutshell... I understand if we're all too busy "living" to post anything :-).

Uneventful 2009 to 2010 transition in terms of celebrating in this house. Hubby and I did hot spiced cider (after a fab steak dinner that I orchestrated for my carnivores), conversation and did watch the one show that had Rihanna - Green Day... texted Olivia all night who was up the street hanging out with friends. Our boys were excited but did their regular bedtime routine as did Lilliana. I am superstitious and was glad to have quiet at midnight - means the rest of the year will follow suit. Yesterday was very pleasant - had planned to see what neighbors were doing for dinner, etc. but bitter cold outside and some household "brand new year"-type chores beckoned, so... just went with the organic flow of the day. Boys discovered new ways to play with new Batman and Leap Frog toys - occupied themselves happily - also watched 9 with Daddy (thought it would scare them, but... they liked it - when Tim Burton puts his name on something, we watch...;-). Olivia and pal, Olivia, worked on a social studies project - VERY diligently - good to see as they approach high school. I made them hot chocolate, carrot sticks ... helped with Google searches a bit. Lilliana did a lot of Mommy and Me time. Poor kid - I use her room for scrapbooking, so... we finally moved an obtrusive desk out - fixed up the rest of it a bit. She did a quiet movie with me - "helped" me organize a bit - "talked" to my Mom on the phone - "helped" me make chocolate peppermint whoopie pies.... We took funny pictures and snuggled in "the big bed" (she had helped me shop Whole Foods the day before and ran from me, so... nice change with the calm side of her :-). We picked up hot dogs and fries from a local place, D's in Regent's Sq. - gotta love it (veggie for me - though I am no longer a vegetarian -along with steak, I just can't do real hot dogs) - made pasta for boys - began painting their room with plans to put stars on the ceiling and an underwater scene over by their window seat.....watched a new Iron Chef ;-).... Boring but good.

Anyway... boys beckon - want to watch "the creepy movie" again (9?) .... We have basketball today - lunch with friends tomorrow. Thinking, thinking, thinking, as usual. Though we have family who has returned safely from holidays in Peru, we also have news of many losses this season - one experienced by a family who I have mentioned on my blog before for launching a new product. Anyway - sending good thoughts, positive feelings their way this 2010. Also - I follow a blog called the Nienie Dialogues. Nienie is famous, having blogged for a long time and survived a fiery plane crash. She chronicles life as mom and life recovering from her terrible injuries. It is a great blog. She has been on Oprah, the Today Show, etc. Anyway - she is launching a new project that should be interesting. She and a friend in Germany will be posting photos of their mornings all year. I LOVE photos - love to glimpse what other moms are doing around the world, in my backyard - wherever. Anyway - worth checking out (Nienie is enviably stylish - creative, adventurous) - follow link on my page for details.

Stay safe, all.

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