21 January 2010

Guilty pleasures, and ... a bitchy note on NBC

Ok - so I'm late to this, but... I am now totally into Project Runway AND Launch my Line. I am so new to it all that I am having trouble determining what network airs the original new episodes and which one I'm viewing as "last season". Like - did I really watch Project Runway at midnight on Lifetime last night? Heidi, Tim and the gang (oh - that Michael Kors is bitchy. Am I stuck on that word or what today?)? Anyway - I am in awe of what these just aspiring designers can sew! Launch my Line is more up my alley (Bravo - Wed. at 10 pm??? - Man oh man - sorry, all - I need to be a better couch potato - will solidify my day and time recommendations asap ;-). These are everyday people who get an "expert" to help them sew, execute their fashion vision, even creatively concept a bit (of course, they have jobs like stylist, marketing vp, etc. so are established self-driven types anyway - still... kinda seeing myself in them :-). Because it is a team or partner effort - dare I say - the designs sometimes come out better than the prototypes on Project Runway (yikes, I know the latter has many fans - better watch my mouth).

And... in closing.... is the whole Conan / Jay NBC Tonight Show / not the Tonight Show - whatever a TOTAL MESS? What an embarassing, rotten, selfish, disloyal freakin' nightmare the "bosses" over there have created. I mean... in the midst of all the bad news in the world, the entertainment world can't keep it together. Come on! Can't blame Conan one bit. I know as sure as I know that "you're old, you're fat, you shouldn't have any more babies because you don't earn your keep" (or something to that effect) is an unkind comment in any context or environment (a little insight into why hubby and I often choose time alone with our own little blissful family instead of the whole "gang", by the way ;-) that he was WRONGED. Just caught my attention....

Photo: My fashion forward, trendsetting peanut, Olivia, several years ago.... Geez... probably when Enzo was born :-) - on her way to some hip grade school event ;-).


Marcello said...

Check these people out:

Sherri said...

I like this site .... though I need a photo to upload with my design vision, I guess? I'm not sure how it works yet - still researching.... This is the type of place I was looking for.... need knowledge of other like software tools to help too, I suppose.... Thank you :-). I may be a fashion designer yet.