02 January 2010

This is good.

A Shepherd's Pie recipe.... easily executed as I wiped sticky candy cane hands (hmmm... reminds me - I am overdue for a "less than stellar parenting tip" ;-) and intercepted a series of family phone calls. Seems to taste pretty good....... going to be dinner tonight (I like these recipes that are fully cooked stovetop before they get the finishing bake in the oven - I get to taste away - add salt - veggies - whatever - customize to taste a bit). I used the recipe at below link - though, there are some other very good ones / links to access at Food Network - in hindsight, should have used one from a British chef (did substitute beef for lamb because I once heard both Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver say to use any leftover ground meet or a combo meat, so.... took some liberties with Alton's recipe - his are always so easy, aren't they?). Oh - and I also made the potatoes a little more low-fat - no cream, no yolk (plus had to feed the mini masses some mashed potatoes as I worked, so.... had to be raw egg-free).


And .. I've done like a chili recipe with a meat substitute many times before - imagine it would work in a similar way with this recipe.

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