22 January 2010

A Parenting Question

Does anyone else feel guilty and / or confused when your kids appear to be occupying themselves - albeit a bit passively - and you find yourself milling about trying to be "productive"?

Here's a scenario : Today, I don't feel good - stuffy head, stomach a little queasy, sore throat, headache, etc. I am also sleep-deprived and woozy. So.... I have been very slowly going about my daily routine - hang with kids, clean up a little something, make a little lunch, tie up some school or freelance business loose ends, etc. Currently, my Milo is in full Indiana Jones costume (hat, shirt, whip - you name it) - kinda talking to himself - every now and then strikes a martial arts pose of some kind - wandering the house - somersaulting, etc. (also - on occasion - like if I offer a snack or something, "Indiana Jones" shows me how strong and smart he is in some "helpful" way :-). Lilliana has kinda / sorta joined him - is wearing the super hero cape (odd cuz Milo usually wears that with everything) - wanders to the dinosaurs & attempts to alternately growl at or nurture the plastic T-Rexes & Brontos -then she'll like growl at me and be on her way. All my attempts at puzzles, cookie baking, sitting on my lap to watch a movie, etc. are being rebuffed BUT... they don't want me to go upstairs and finish organizing the newly painted boys' room - or they don't want me to be in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher YET AGAIN (family of 6 - the dirty dish thing is killing me!) - I can't answer email - It appears they want me to watch them or stay close in case I'm "needed". I'm like in limbo (of course - it could have been all that cold medicine I took - kidding - I do NOT take cold medication - me and antihistamines, etc. do NOT mix - feel all that stuff overmedicates with no real results anyway. Digressing - sorry ....). So - what to do? My big fear / guilt thing right now is that he's waiting for big bro, Enzo, to play, and... Enzo is going to a friend's after school. I really wish I had a Plan B today... or a Plan A, for that matter. Help?

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