25 January 2010

News of the World - News of the Home

Today, another plane load of Haitian orphans arrived in Florida - encouraging that they are getting some of the children out of the country (hold ups frustrating - though movement is good). Sad, of course, that the effort has become a recovery mission, at this point. Little hope of any additional survivors... awful. I am proud to report that a mission of 80+ doctors is being dispatched from Pittsburgh with massive amounts of medical supplies. I am also relieved to report that most of my close acquaintances, friends and family have donated or offered help in some way - which means that the same must be true across our country and the world, right? We can only hope. The response has been massive. Of course, during this awful time, we hear reports of a plane crash ... Ethiopia Air off the coast of Lebanon. More "he said / she said" kinda talk with the Republicans and Democrats - silly stuff like the Pitt-Jolies breaking up. Head swimming, I remain hopeful that everyone will stay vigilant on "tasks at hand" - help Haiti - open your eyes to the world - focus on your community - allow the President to do his job (Democrats are more sensitive to all the road blocks when our prez is in - likewise for Republicans, I'm sure).

One of those days.... had a freelance client call this morning - handled while playing the Wii with Milo - feeding Lil cereal. Need to talk outside web site project as well as important family finance opportunity with hubby - have school thing with Olivia tonight - additional homework practice with Enzo after school - need to stay somewhat in "provide clean clothes and environment as well as food to gang" mode while doing clean-up of newly painted boys room - invitations for Olivia's confirmation and applications and forms to all of her high school choices (not to mention planning for her big 14th birthday coming up this week, and... satisfying a REAL need for some new dressy shoes :-) - coordination of teacher breakfast at school and help in kindergarten tomorrow, etc. Shoveling in some food to stay "carbed up" - no shower - just changed into workout clothes to stay limber and agile :-), and.... well - handlin' it, right? As is sadly the case these past few weeks, more thoughts going out to friends and loved ones with news of illness, loss and other hardship - too many stories to detail this month.

Have a good day, all.

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