22 January 2010

Some notes amid the morning chaos.

Need some laughs this morning - thought you might too.

After a short car ride to school yesterday, Marcello dropped out boys off - Enzo to kindergarten - Milo to preschool - only to hear Milo, all the way down the hall, singing "Pants on the Ground" to his entire class and teachers. Now, if you are not familiar with this 60+ yr old guy who auditioned for American Idol and the ensuing remixes and subsequent radio play of his original audition song, you simply must go to U-Tube for the full effect and search. I have a feeling "Pants on the Ground" will deliver many search results. OK - then... picture a 4 year old performing it at top volume to the class :-).

Also, later in the day, I watched part of Enzo's tennis class. He ran over to me, asked me if I liked bananas then proudly gave me a banana sticker he had been saving for me. Big smile. This didn't give me a laugh, but... it sure was sweet.

In closing, while I appreciate that Trader Joe's lollipops are organic and made with real fruit juice, I am disheartened by the fact that my two youngests are OBSESSED with them and treat them like meal replacements. It's like they can smell them in the house or something....

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