08 January 2010

A trip to Costco

Just cracks me up. You would think it was Christmas again! Milo is carrying around the new Wii (the old one is "sick" - broken during a couple of post-Halloween shelf accidents - the first was a dramatic crash complete with crying kids, scraped nose, etc. - just minutes before costuming and trick or treating ON Halloween - shelf was not the same after that and has since been disposed of - thankfully. Anyway...) - Lilliana has a large package of croissants - Enzo has a throw rug and peanut butter.... Apparently, the best "stuff" ever!

Oh - I SO needed a laugh (got my first hostile comment on the blog today - I mean, I know people who block comments or don't accept them, but... I would rather see what people think, so.... can't complain. Besides, I think I know who it is now ;-). Moving on ... I see a trend emerging for 2010 in this house - intolerance for any kind of meanness. Sounds noble to me :-).

Photo is proof that everyone was OK post-crash (see aforementioned story :-) - two bump and bruise-free Indiana Jones', and... a few pals.

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