19 January 2010

Things I know for sure ... (today anyway :-)...

If you have an antique apothecary table instead of a regular bathroom sink and have taken the time to refinish the front of it with funky, cool crackle paint, your kids WILL eventually peel it off little by little until it looks really bad (similarly - if you have a circa 1930's radio that looks more like a little dresser with knobs and netting at toddler / preschool eye level, well, you get the picture....).

Clementines (are they oranges - are they tangerines??) are quite tasty, and they don't add fat, etc. like chocolate (I have denied similar thoughts on chocolate for a long time - prefer the anti-oxidant argument for cocoa - more than blueberries, right? ;-).

When my Milo doesn't want to go to preschool, there is no persuading him. We will be home today, making rice krispie treats and playing checkers. He is NOT going to go.

Watching the image of a little girl in Haiti, around my Lilliana's age, reach out to every woman who walks by, crying, because she's just lost her mother in the earthquake completely breaks my heart, as it should. Watching the look on my Milo's face as he tries to comprehend the tragedy and the help that is needed is... well... I don't have words right now. Let's just say I'm happy that he understands human compassion on some level. He's pretty sensitive. Sensing fear or that something is wrong gives him nightmares.

Realizing that I agree with this premise: forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. Forgiveness means letting go of toxic, negative feelings and moving on to live your best life and passing on / communicating that to others. It is often a hard decision whether or not to let someone back close to you or your children when they have caused pain. Will it happen again? Does it open the door for more difficulties? Is it the best decision? Do they need to move on and live their best life? Can closeness be limited? It is definitely not a black and white situation as it seems most people believe.

Happy Tuesday....

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