23 January 2010

Simple Pleasures

Although I do write about my day to day most of the time, AND most of the time that does include a search for my peace - my zen - albeit through all the chaos and activity I endure (cue violins, right?), I sometimes really do not notice that within these celebrations of the mundane - the regular - the comfortable - is a real pure enjoyment of the simple pleasures - AND it is where many of us connect. A friend and reader (a dance friend from years ago with whom I am SO glad to have reconnected) has just relayed, in passing - a simple note to me - that she read a Dec post - felt I lived her life day to day - appreciated the snow falling in my "night out" post and was enjoying her own moment watching her husband shovel snow through the window in her PJs. I just love it. I valued her friendship back when we sweated through ballet and jazz together, and I am so thrilled to hear about her life now - miles away - after many years - through photos - messages now and then - comments on my musings and family albums :-).

Similarly, I wrote a short blurb about my Lilliana turning two back on a leafy, windy Oct evening. I rambled on for a couple lines - lamenting the loss of the baby in her - fascinated by the little girl emerging - a little melancholy about the walk I didn't take with her. I left it - incomplete, hanging there - sorta like my emotions, ya know :-) (tear), and... a member of the mother's group I referenced briefly sent me a quick, succinct but heartfelt message that I had touched her and she felt the same about her little one. I didn't know her, but I really appreciated that she reached out, and I just had this incredible soft spot for what she was feeling at the same time I was. I consciously thought - I LOVE these connections.

It occurs to me now that it would be a real honor to hear some stories - some pieces of daily life. I would love to see some here, and I just don't know how to begin gathering or prompting some sharing :-).

Anyway, thanks, Tracey, for letting me steal your words (didn't you say "simple pleasures"). In the spirit of that phrase - my posting title - I will say that I had the best time last night just eating Oreos and reading books with Enzo. I recall a late, late night doing funky dance moves and engaging in some silly girl talk with Olivia and a friend in our kitchen as we ate something yukky but good like gooey cookies or something. My husband and I actually went to a movie this weekend and shared a milkshake. Don't dig too deep, everyone - just share. I would love a dialogue befitting a trendy cafe ;-).

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