07 January 2010


The snow. Really enjoying my tea- my view from the window. Actually, just enjoyed a short walk in the very lightly - but very steadily falling snow. High 20's feels almost balmy given the low temps we've had lately. Just beautiful. Makes me think ski weekend :-).

Making a favorite family meal of mashed potatoes, bbq beef sandwiches, glazed carrots - chopping, stirring - smells so good. Very cozy in here - don't mind at all that our Christmas tree is still up - colored lights still glow through window. We can take care of all that this weekend. Time, now, to settle down and enjoy some quiet, cozy winter weather.

Kids doing homework and / or watching Curious George so I have a minute to think. The quiet and harmonious sibling interaction really makes up for Milo's familiar but horrible post-preschool tantrum earlier - along with a completely inappropriate and ridiculous snub from a mother's group I have dabbled in for almost two years now immediately following.

I harp on this all the time, but... stay safe. Snow is pretty but slippery ;-).


Facie said...

I agree, very beautiful. Fortunately for us, we got the phone call last night around 7 that school was cancelled, so no having to wake up to a 6 a.m. phone call.

I have never joined a mothers' group. Honestly, I can be snubbed by moms at my kid's Catholic school daily if I want. Nice values these women are teaching their kids. I really thought people got past that stuff once they left high school.

Anonymous said...

Since when does a friendly reminder that you'll be removed from a moms group for lack of participation equal a snub? The people who got snubbed, in actuality, were all the women who waited for you at events which you forgot to attend.

Sherri said...

Dear Anonymous - Why so hostile? Your faceless / nameless comment is precisely what I was talking about. I'm not sure which group you're with (can only guess given the nature of your comment). I sincerely apologize for not being able to attend a party the day after my three year old was admitted to the hospital, and I'm truly sorry that some very challenging health issues kept us from participating once school started. Denying a sincere request for a membership extension - given recent health problems - is worse than a snub. I was being polite :-). I welcome any comments here, but I do not condone your aggressive tone - in any situation. Please re-examine your motives. Why would you leave such a comment? Time for a new start, anonymous. Please don't post here again. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Sherri said...

Hi Facie - Yeah - we, too, were off today. Have one sled-rider - one snow fort builder and two happy to be inside by fire. Thanks for your support, too :-). The high school analogy really fits - even more so today. Yikes ;-).

Michele James-Parham said...

Haha LOL! Sherri~ might I borrow some of your Grace for future times when I need to snub a snubber?

Remember to smile (and nod), hon!

Sherri said...

Thanks, Michelle. :-)!!!