19 January 2010

Bresma Mission Orphanage ... still room for help.

For those following the Bresma Mission story (and the subsequent delivery of the children here in Pittsburgh) - who are getting a little confused about how to help... you can contact the organizers directly: BRESMAMISSION@GMAIL.COM

At this point, it is difficult to tell whether or not they are going to be quarantined or placed into homes immediately. I know there is a Facebook page with over 11,000 members (from the past few days!) - pages of pages of people willing to foster. As I said before, I know a family on deck to help, etc. Anyway - thus far, it is unclear whether or not they will follow protocol regarding certification and licensing to foster (I'm sure they will). The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Catholic Charities is going to be handling placement here in the states. They are pretty speedy - provided the kids are healthy and ready to place. I believe, per the message that is sent when you do make direct email contact, that the children are not available for adoption (either already in progress or starting from square one, which, as someone familiar with the adoption process, I can understand), and they are all being eventually placed in group homes to stay together.

The response to foster and / or get them out of Haiti may currently be overwhelming to the organizers in terms of answering the calls to help. I know from a good source that the kids are being photographed for the possibility of a story in the New York Times. Granted, there has been a lot of media attention thus far, but... now that they are here, it could be wide open after the story and photos are out.

It might be worth a try to email directly and even offer help in the form of cribs, baby supplies, etc. (and I say that knowing that so many have offered monetary and other supply-related help). Again, per the message that you will receive when you make direct contact, they are not accepting money or supplies currently but are "not out of the woods yet" (which means, to me, to stay posted - the Facebook page is a good place to start.

Wow - so nice to see people pulling together.

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