13 January 2010

Happily deluded :-)

Quick - think of your top five "I'm kidding myself" moments from 2009. Here are mine:

1. Beginning to believe that I'm not losing baby weight due to "hormones".
2. Convincing myself that I CARE what negative people think of me.
3. Refusing to believe that my little Olivia is really going to be in high school.
4. Thinking "I don't think my nose looks any bigger than when I was a kid."
5. Hearing that Mario Batali, Michael Stipe and Gwyneth Paltrow were going on a culinary tour of Spain and immediately being miffed that NONE OF THEM HAD CALLED ME! Seriously...


.mf said...

5. Believing that the Steelers can get in the playoffs if they beat Miami, the Bungles beat the Jets, the Ravens spontaneously combust and James Harrison's mom beats up some Browns fans. (2 out of 4 ain't bad).

4. Yes, ignoring the fact that "The Bean" AKA Olivia is going to high school.

3. u2 will play Pittsburgh on the first leg of their US tour.

2. I can have a beer and relax while the kids are still up.

1. I don't need an iPhone. (The truth is I would have it surgically implanted into my left forearm if upgrading wasn't a problem.)

Sherri said...

Wow, .mf - you ARE deluded ;-).