21 December 2009

Show Photos!!!

Finally got a chunk of time to download photos. Olivia and her fellow eighth grade divas sing - Enzo and the soldiers say their BIG LINE - Milo and his reindeer "ears" (antlers - his sweet little hands :-) - and Lilliana covers her ears while the band plays (just loud - not bad ;-) - and... of course... I got a photo of big sis and little bro, their last year performing together (sniff).

Starting to feel a bit of the "retail strain" that comes with the season. Needed a diversion.... Maybe you do too??? :-)

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Kim said...

Love the latest photos! Our kids just sang at church yesterday and after the 4 readings, my tape ended just as the music started...bummer! I just sat down and enjoyed the moment. Hoping to get a tape from someone in the paparazzi section of parents and cameras. Merry Christmas to you and your's...so glad you escaped that crash with minor injuries. Feel better! P.S. Olivia looks beautiful!!!!