14 December 2009

Happy Winter Thoughts

Once again, my angst and over-thinking has given way to happy thoughts - the zen for which I so often search :-)....

Sick kids better - dispensing mint ice cream, peanut butter and chicken soup as I type. I got the little ones to eat items of nutritional value - Milo an apple and Lilliana a piece of cheese and some juice. I'm even finally eyeing some food myself - definitely Olivias's ice cream - possibly Enzo's soup - thinking some spiced cider later (though may wait for hubby to get home in a few days and make it a treat).We're back in action!

Jealous that Marcello is having the cheesey retail experience I so long for - fattening coffees, total giant King of Prussia mall, dinner out at a crowded cafe (just a break from a day of meetings, though so not "all that", I guess ;-). Sounds wonderful and awful at the same time. I haven't done that in years.

Anyway - currently relishing the fact that my kids were singing Christmas carols earlier - Milo can really belt it out (though keeps tune like most 4 year olds) - Enzo is singing the same songs big sis Olivia did in her pageant years ago (she even had a semi-solo!!!). Enjoyed Christmas lights on my way to replenish our supply of sick people food (ginger ale, soup, etc.). Even into the pie baking contest on one of my favorite Food Network shows - Food Network Challenge (I'm a pastry competition fan :-) and waiting for Mary Poppins to be on ABC (or HBO??) Family later (I have memories of seeing this movie in a theater, but... have only JUST realized that it was made way before I was born - ??? - Anyway - my boys want me to be magic so I can pick up the toys & clean their room like she does :-). Absorbing what I can (and trying to forget that Milo just ran headfirst into the Christmas tree wearing his froggy pjs, one of Olivia's UGGs on one foot and Enzo's jingly Christmas stocking on the other foot - Merry, Merry!!!).

Some favorite photos from last year's season are making me appreciate the time that passes and the moments we have with those close to us...

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Jen Clark said...

We really do need to get together!! I have the
same weird fantasy about drinking eggnog mattes
while Christmas shopping in a really
crowded mall.....then off to a crowded dark
cafe for wine and a creamy dinner!! Never
happens, but it's my weird fantasy.
Strangely, my man is at the king of Prussia
mall as I type. He's working in Philly
this week and is staying near KOP tonight.
I sent him on a crate and barrel run! Get
in touch and we'll drink and shop together!