29 December 2009

Just Thinking

So ... year in review... it's been pretty good. Brought to closure some things just this week that had been hanging over my head - my husband's - or Olivia's (the little ones have no worries :-). The guy who hit us just before Christmas has been found at fault - Olivia had been struggling with an odd situation in which she had the opportunity to take a fabulous trip, but... would miss school at a vital time (upsetting some teachers this important last year at her beloved school). Anyway, long story short - I gave the whole decision to her and she decided not to go (proud that she put school, etc. first - sorry that she might miss a fun trip... Anyway - she made the best choice). I'm still struggling with how to "fix" the corrupted videos of my kids. Of course, when we downloaded in our year-end attempt to organize, the only corrupted bits of filming were both Enzo and Milo's Christmas pageants this year - unbelievable - just kills me :-(. Anyway....

I was sort of dreamily looking at our little collection of water globes from our many trips, travels yesterday ... thinking about what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want my kids to see this year .... My husband, from the other room, not realizing what I was doing, called to me that in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there was a story about our kids' (yes, all of them) favorite exhibit at the museum - the glassed-in scene of a tiger attacking a camel and his rider - both horrifying and fascinating, at the same time. Anyway, they are going to make it into a water globe - complete with sand that flies when you shake it. So.... think maybe we'll go to the museum today :-).

Thanks to everyone for family updates and news of your kids, plans, travels (good and bad - just life...). I'm still thinking of those of you really struggling with difficult situations or trying to get through a trying holiday season. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective ;-). And I keep hoping that we all find a little bit of joy somewhere - once a day - once a week - whatever - wherever. With that - thanks for sharing all those bits of joy with me and others :-) - and thanks, too, for confiding your trials, worries and deep, dark thoughts too ;-). Here's my little bit of trivial joy to share.... Went to Tamari in Lawrenceville last night - drank a good Pinot Noir - ate ceviche, Peking Duck quesdillas, tasty orzo and pan-roasted chicken, chocolate ganache with cayenne pepper.... Talked to hubby - met other nice people - watched huge snowflakes fall.... Fun.