14 December 2009

Getting into the "spirit of the season"...

We're all sick here - really sick -throwing up all night - lethargic all day - yukky stuff. I had it the night before last so have had no food for nearly 48 hours - but... my two oldest kids got it one right after the other last night (so no school today) - so we're all on like an hour or two of sleep too (hubby out of town starting this am, and he had to drive a few hours - yikes). The two youngests had it last week and over the weekend, so... they are now on the strangest diet in the world. I let them eat what they wanted as they recovered, but... they still insist on a steady diet of crackers and ginger ale ....

Anyway - stressed about shopping - Mom visiting for Christmas so have some major cleaning to do as well as some decisions on a menu.... Looking forward to school Christmas pageant, but... worried that the little ones will act up as well.... Think I need to relax a bit.

Sometimes, I think that I have such high expectations for the season - baking cookies, taking the kids skating downtown, holiday parties, shopping at the mall then stopping for yummy holiday coffee, and...... it just never turns out as I planned. I mean, it used to when I had only one child. With four, however, and three of them still pretty young, it is difficult to even go out for an occasional lunch with all of them - shopping is out of the question and... baking with them isn't as festive as it sounds (still fun but a little trying and usually only about 50% participation) - plus, we don't get invited to many holiday parties - sort of out of the party loop these days plus my husband's office only does a party for the employees - no spouses - definitely no kids and we don't really have a reliable babysitter (and... did I mention his office parties are in Philly or NY, so... would require a grandparent to watch the kiddies and we have not one willing to do so).

Anyway - tree is finally decorated - excited for school Christmas show (did I say that already? Olivia loves the songs her class is doing, and Enzo is a soldier in the annual kindergarten interpretation of The Christmas Story :-) - I do have some baking planned - am almost done with shopping - have all my wrapping paper - glad my Mom has decided to finally spend a Christmas with us - I'm pulling out of my funk.

Today, though....we're all just laying around (except for Milo who is on turbo, as usual - climbing walls, etc.).

Thinking, though - about people who have experienced loss or worry about money this season....IN fact, I think this season brings a lot of reflection and asking "why". I find myself lately wondering about people who have lost loved ones (my Dad was the most wonderful person, and he died three years ago of cancer - every Christmas I think what he is missing and what he would've enjoyed - and I had a few friends die very young a few years ago, one leaving behind twin toddlers - why? Others.... too many to mention. I watched CBS Sunday Morning yesterday and saw a segment on wealthy corporate leaders who have started this policy of handing out money at the holidays. They gave this one woman $400 and she thought it was the best thing ever. She had to use it to buy kerosene for her old broken down heater, though - just to stay warm - and she thought that was a true blessing. I couldn't help but think that this poor woman deserves a big, warm meal with family - a gift to open - a really nice day on Christmas, but... she was just grateful to be warm. Heartbreaking.

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Amy said...

So sorry to hear you're all sick! Throwing up is the worst!! Ugh.

I completely understand the whole high expectations for the holidays thing. I was always that way with my kids and became a complete control freak trying to make everything go smoothly. Looking back, I wish I had just chilled out a little but I am thankful for all the holiday things we did together. I give you props for everything you are able to do with four kids!

I used to try to bake cookies with my kids, but for the past two years I baked them on my own and let my kids go crazy with the decorating. They had a great time and I was able to let go of my control issues and let them pile 5lbs of sprinkles on each cookie.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! In the long run you won't remember all the stress, but you will remember the fun. And I hope you're all feeling better soon. :)