21 December 2009

Day 1 - School Winter Break

Olivia still asleep - she has a holiday party and gift exchange with her friends tonight - will probably need to bake some cookies for her to take. Have already experimented with a peanut butter / pecan cookie recipe this morning (E, M & L got into peanut butter and fruit leather - so... threw some bacon in oven and breakfast was ready! - easy :-). Marcello getting the van's rearview mirror fixed - Enterprise called this morning re: rental since Jetta is "not well". Trying to decide on what to check off "to do" list today - more baking with kids - last minute shopping run - finish Christmas cards (probably should be on top) - play in snow (too cold??). Currently - everyone occupied with markers and paper (Lilliana has done a very thorough job of coloring her face and hands a deep purple).

So far so good.

Have received news of new babies, new illnesses and more holiday losses of loved ones this season. Thinking of everyone - wishing happiness to all - those with newborns up all night and those missing people or battling illness - everyone.

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