19 December 2009

A day like any other ????

Pancake breakfast for seven (Olivia had a friend sleep over) - wet snowpants and boots now sit next to gifts under / near the Christmas tree - batches of hot chocolate all day (actually - Enzo only drinks cocoa - Milo hot chocolate - same stuff - wink wink - I tell them they are custom batches) - melty sandwiches - talk of middle schooler shopping outing - Olivia's basketball game - phone call from Mom - hanging paper preschool angels on the tree.

ANY OTHER DAY (with snow :-).

Except - my husband and I were in a pretty bad car accident. We're OK -sore ribs, big red slash where the seatbelt was (through my freakin' coat!) - I've iced a big sore knot on my knee - a little nauseous and sore..... My poor little black 2000 VW Jetta (Olivia and I named her Gwendolyn Delilah) might not make it, though I hope so -don't need another expense - not ready to let her go (they told us to take some of our personal stuff - I took the carseat and this little paper "cell phone" that Olivia made for me years ago and that I kept in the car on the door - Marcello took paperwork and an umbrella - we felt crappy / shaky.... probably should have taken more - feeling weird - we had such a close call - the first car I ever bought on my own - if it would have hit us another way, what would have happened - ??? Thoughts racing, obviously). Anyway - some careless idiot was going (per witnesses) like 60 - 70 mph coming towards us - hit slush on a curve (that's when I saw him coming right at us) - and almost hit us head on (officers said we could have flipped) - instead hit side and knocked us head-on into a stone overpass (then hit another car). We're lucky. All I could think of was - what IF the kids were with us. Enzo and Olivia ride to school in that car with Marcello all the time. Enzo is little - looks small for his booster (though it is "regulation") - Olivia would have been where I was - Little Milo almost rode in it the other day - someone would have been near the door / window. Scary. The impact was awful - several hard impacts.

Anyway - trying to count blessings. Hard right now. Feeling an odd mix of blessed and cursed (one more thing in a long list - sappy, feel sorry for self stuff). Currently right back on the dinner, laundry, games and books with kids (between refereeing their fights), etc. Have not had time to think. Everything - insurance, Enterprise, police, attention to minor injuries, etc. - OVER in like three hours. Right now, lamenting our shopping / lunch outing that never was. In an hour will realize how much could have been lost.

Marcello keeps telling me how much worse it could have been - how I should not have lost my temper with the guy who caused it, acting like a victim. Very grateful to our lovely neighbor who came to get us (and his family who lost him for an afternoon) - the nice guy who's car was also hit and who was very supportive - the very helpful and kind policemen. Anyway... I'm not being terribly gracious right now, but I'm trying :-).

As always... thinking of those who have lost so much and are hurting now. Maybe more so today....


Emily said...

Well, heck, even if you didn't want to lose your temper, it's hard not to in the scary moment like that. The guy that my mom hit (the day we took her keys away for good) was furious and yelled at Mom, but I think he figured out in time that she wasn't all there. But I didn't blame him for being mad. He was scared. I'm glad you two are OK!! That can set off lots of "what if" thinking, I'm sure. Geez...!

Kim said...

Yikes...so glad you both are okay!