04 December 2009

The Christmas Underwear.... a story / memory...

After my latest "bitch session" (see previous post), I went upstairs to "get ready" for the day (hmmmm...). I grabbed my stuff - ran to the shower for my 5 min. "get clean / get out" session, leaving door open for little ones to wander in or sit and play by door and talk to (daily thing :-). Anyway, the underwear I chose was a festive holiday-ish colored pair (bright green - pink - sorry for tmi) with the word "joy" on them. See, I have a series - "hope" and "love" are the other two, I believe - both equally festive in color - bought for me by my little Olivia years ago. I remember she was so proud - wanted me to keep the little box they came in. Now, they're the bottom of the laundry bin undies... but I've kept them, thinking every time I see them that she was proud to buy them on her own - thought they were so pretty for mommy - wanted to make sure I kept them neat and in a place of honor. She always did get me a sweet, sensitive mix of what I need (comfy jammies, undies, etc.) and frivolous, fun stuff (handmade chocolate kiss earrings, a box of wishes, dream bugs to keep the nightmares away :-).

Anyway - nice, fleeting memory - just like stumbling onto her old kids' guitar the other day, that Milo now plays all the time, and finding a remnant of tape from where she used to tape her "set list" in preschool. Oh - and btw - for the record, I have on the "uniform" - today's yoga pants are by Puma, the flip flops by Adidas, the hoodie something I bought in Iceland well over ten years ago.... Merry Merry!! It IS Friday, which in our house is "take out night" - hooray!!!

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Kim said...

Love this story of Olivia, which illutrates her thoughtful ways. Here's a TMI story to go with your's: I remember when Eliza was about three. We were in a public restroom and I was wearing a pair of "bottom of the laundry pile underwear." She announced in a projecting tone, "Mommy, I like your green panties." Snickers filled the ladies room, as I emerged as the owner of the "green panties."