24 November 2009


I have a couple of local, new and / or super cool businesses and products to check out.

First, if you're looking for a new dessert idea for Thanksgiving or a yummy treat for your kids (or you...), check out http://www.ladorita.net for some La Dorita Dulce de Leche (great back story and history on this recipe / product) a natural, preservative-free milk spread brought to you by two Pittsburgh super moms - Josephine Caminos Oria and Amanda Montgomery Carvelli.

Second, for those admirably environmentally conscious washable diaper fans, check out local mom and businesswoman, Maggie Broderick's, site www.burghbabygear.com to get your custom-made soakers and more - handpainted yarn, woolies, custom-made, BEAUTIFUL baby clothing!

Third - check out the Natural Attachment blog that I follow. Michelle, the author, provides a link and more info. on her unschooling blog, for which she has been nominated for an award. Definitely worth a look / read - whether or not you homeschool, unschool or public / private school. If you're a parent, you'll be interested.

And, lastly, I have to promote an old college friend's new show (he's producer) on Bravo - Chef Academy - 10 pm on Monday nights. Really fun - dreamy, delicious chocolate pots last night - tomato sauce (I'm told) next week - great, simple, tasty recipe - plus, there's some of that reality show drama that cracks me up (this time a cute French guy - with some culinary talent - was, apparently, a porn star in a past "professional life" - tune in next week... ;-).

Currently researching our local Pitt fashion scene... I'm told there are some new clothing lines out there.... being conceptualized, etc. right in our own back yards.... So.... I guess "stay tuned" is the theme for this post.

If you're not shoppers, go to your "happy place" this Friday and lay low (I've added a photo of my "happy place" - doing gymnastics on the beach with my daughter and her friend... fun, calming, invigorating ...). And, of course, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Michele James-Parham said...

hey! thanks for the mentioning of my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for talking about La Dorita! It's this type of PR that will help us grow this business! I do have to admit - as much as I love being called a "super mom", (who doesn't, right?), I am not one of the creators of this tasty treat. My best friend from sixth grade and her husband, Josephine and Gaston Oria are the sole creators. I am simply their publicist.

Thank you again for the great words! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sherri said...

OK - so created by 2 Super Moms :-). I think both of you deserve some credit for getting it to market so successfully.

And - no prob., Michelle. I am in awe of your blogs, as you know :-).