09 November 2009

The simple things - another list - very short this time.

1. My boys love the "smiley cookie place" (Eat n Park restaurant), so me and hubby happily take them - get eggs benedict or the salad bar - whatever (little known fact - they do use organic and local produce and ingredients, so... all you "responsible types" out there, take note :-).

2. My oldest daughter likes to reminisce about my Dad, her Grandfather (who died three and half years ago), so... I tearfully and eagerly listen to her stories of how she remembers sitting on his lap while he did bills or other work-related stuff (he was an executive with Goodyear) - she would draw with a highlighter pen in a notebook that he saved (when he died, it disappeared with a lot of other things... makes me sad) - how she, to this day, still reminds herself of her left from her right hand by remembering how - at the end of my parents' long winding driveway, their big house with the wrap-around porch and pristine, sprinkler-kept lawn behind her - her friend, Corey's house was to her right and the pool was to her left :-). She remembers watching football games in the big TV room with the vaulted ceiling and attached giant sunroom - drinking cokes on trays and eating pretzels. I miss that house (my Mom sold it).

3. I look forward, every morning, to my coffee - hot Illy brand coffee with milk and sugar in an oversized Starbuck's mug (well - a witch mug for Halloween - my only break in the routine ;-).

4. Secretly, I like when my 2 year old wakes in the night and needs to be put in "dog bed" by the couch with me next to her - I soothe her, change her, cuddle a little then snuggle into the delicious warmth of our big soft couch, warm comforter (my hubby's from high school - funny), then... on occasion, I get to watch late night movies and make hot tea (truthfully, the latter sometimes makes for a sleepy day the next day, but.... it's like a naughty pleasure leftover from my childhood - I get to stay up by myself! I get to watch movies on TV! :-).

5. I get SUCH satisfaction from a day, like today. Midday - I had a NUTRITIOUS lunch on the table for everyone on time (3 yr old had cold, so I had a cold drink and favorite movie for him - he got to snuggle under comforter on couch) - I did homework with kindergartner in an orderly fashion (he was home too - upset stomach early am that disappeared later in day) - we had fun drawing pictures, playing games, etc. I had the two year old's room neat and clean so she could play with dolls, teasets, trucks, puzzles - all easily and with such joy - I made some doctor's appointments and other "efficient", organizational calls. I made soup and sandwiches for dinner - baked cookies - read stories to little ones - chatted late night with "tween". I know it's very 1960's housewife of me, but... I liked it.

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Emily said...

There's no shame in liking what you do. I was at a women's discussion group recently, and we seemed stuck on worrying about traditional roles for men and women. And I thought, we might want to be equal to men, but, for me at least, I do not want to BE a man. I don't mind performing the roles in the home traditionally held by women. I enjoy them. If you enjoy them, and you got to do lots of them in a way that gave you satisfaction, that is a GOOD thing! I read your list of things to do and get tired just thinking about it.