04 November 2009

A belated, much shorter stab at my mag

So - in gymnastics today, I was waiting on the trampoline and snuggling with my equal parts volatile / equal parts "I love you" little 3 yr old guy, and... noticed that he smelled like a fabulous mixture of coffee and bacon and laundry detergent and apple juice - just like our humble, cozy house - every morning. A later trip to the baby aisle at Whole Foods had me thinking... wouldn't it be great to bottle these memory trigger or comfort smells?! You know - something beyond vanilla, linen or apple pie - which is what all the holiday candle places entice us with. Anyway..... I'm in love with that baby aisle. So... my tip for today (something cool for parents - something cool for kids) is to check out your Whole Foods kids' toiletries section. I mean, it is a little pricey, but... they have everything from tasty, useful toddler toothpaste and gum brushes to bubble bath that soothes stuffy cold and flu noses. They have sweet little Peter Rabbit bottles of detangler (which I desperately need - having 2 curly heads and one fuzzy baby head) - they have California Baby items (the little cover girl looks so much like my oldest did as a toddler that I get a lump in my throat). Love it. While you're at Whole Foods, pick up a huge, only $12 rosemary cone - smells great and rosemary is, of course, in many, many recipes. Gets you thinking holidays, really.....

Have the world's easy recipe to share today too - 5 min. guacamole. Cut up some avocados - add salt and lime - mash with a semi-strong white onion - stir in some diced tomatoes and an optional chopped Serrano chile. REALLY good.

Love having some "trendy mom cafe- like" discussions, so... think on this.... Is anyone else getting completely conflicting info. on H1N1 vaccines as they try to get their kids and themselves taken care of? I'm usually ON this stuff, but.... am having trouble discerning fact from fiction lately... Anyone else????

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