05 November 2009

Making time and.... what works for me!

I am at peace in terms of how me and hubby are making individual time for our kids lately. My kindergartner has been helping me make breakfast on a regular basis lately, and... he helped me completely with dinner the other night - I mean REALLY interested in what to do. The wild three year old and I have a weekly routine - gymnastics and doughnuts once a week with lots of together time on other days while baby sleeps. Both boys have enjoyed Daddy's company too - he coaches the kindergartner's soccer teams, and he spends a lot of evening time with the three year old who likes to have Daddy lie next to him as he falls asleep (big brother falls asleep a little earlier). Our middle schooler is looking at high schools, so.. we've been doing the tours with her (plans to go to dinner to discuss our findings thus far were waylaid by an antsy babysitter,but... we have plans to dine out, just the three of us, soon...), and poor Daddy is, again, on coaching duty -this time basketball (though, don't be fooled by complaints - he loves every minute). The baby and I have a morning out once a week - plus some afternoon cuddle time while middle schooler does homework and the boys enjoy after school time playing together (they miss each other during the day - bittersweet, really - successful in their own endeavors but miss all our previous years of outings together as toddlers and preschoolers).

So... in an unrelated comment (though it fits with the zenlike peace I am trying to create for myself).... I am currently OK with my blog style - write something - throw up some photos..... though .... I'm thinking it may be more soothing and helpful if I actually paired comments with photos... Hmmmm... food for thought.

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