24 November 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Receive....

I actually don't truly understand that statement - seems to negate all the "and the meek shall inherit the earth" stuff. I mean - in my case, I feel like - shamefully - "bitch and ye shall receive" is more in line with my recent mood. I do need to be thankful, though, and, so... aside from the obvious, I am also thankful for harried trips to the mall with my 13 year old - my weekly donuts with preschooler - my kindergartner's endless questions (lately - What do lizards chase? Bugs - What do tigers chase? Everything - And even the existential - What do donuts chase? Coffee. What do teeth chase? Food. What does underwear chase? Bumbies.)- and my silly, silly two year old and her wild, unkept hair that she constantly brushes from her sweet, little face.

Anyway - I lamented not being able to spend time with friends and family - or really focus on people, situations ,etc. recently, and.... have to say - dinner with old work friends last night (have known them almost 10 years - been through many girlfriends, boyfriends, babies, jobs, etc. with them) - knitting class last week - shopping with daughter and friends - field trip with kindergartner - gymnastics with both youngests - hot dogs and beers with hubby's "band friends" over the weekend - big cousin sleepover coming up - a baptism to attend - dessert to host on Thanksgiving - breakfasts out with pals.... We have hit the mother lode of love :-). OK - I am even cracking myself up now. Expressions of love must make me "cheesey". All good.

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