07 November 2009

In October, I spent a windy, sentimental evening with my "baby"

I hope you all remember this "aforementioned" ;-) post - the eve of my 2 year old's birthday. I have to say - there are things you remember for a long time. I remember dressing my oldest - then not quite 2 - for her first day of daycare at Old Dominion University; I remember getting tears of relief in my eyes when I went to visit and saw her peacefully napping. I remember my kindergartner - then only a few months old - sucking his "paci" in his baby swing - same time everyday - I would watch him and drink hot chocolate. I remember getting my 3 year old's room ready when he was an infant still in the NICU - the neighbor's Christmas lights twinkled through our frosty third floor windows - wee hours of the morning - my Dad was still alive - visiting us, sleeping downstairs as I worked. And.... I'm sure I'll remember this special night with my "baby" :-) - dancing, singing, cuddling - Halloween on the way - autumn in the air - so cool.

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