01 October 2009

A successful day, a request and an announcement...

So - today is a good day (and this will be rushed because I don't want to break momentum with my rhythm with kids, kitchen, outdoors, etc.). I have a happy, happy kindergartner - a mature, communicative 8th grader enjoying herself AND getting very good grades - I spent quality time with both my 1 yr old and my 3 yr old (who now, apparently, LOVES preschool). I had a yummy coffee today - got a healthy fantastic smelling slow cooker dinner going - got some planting done - exercised - am OK with how my clothes fit, what my hair did (trivial but important for mood and self -esteem :-), etc. A far cry from the miserable, gray, rainy day a few days ago when everyone was cranky - one kid was sick (and I was too) - we were bogged down with homework - and my 5 yr old had to get shots and a referral to a cardiologist for what appears to be a minor heart murmur - AND I lost our library card, zoo membership card, insurance card - just a total mess (couldn't find a bunch of stuff in my kids' rooms like their medical info - old ultrasound pics, etc.- which is odd - just where did I put all that stuff???). Anyway - hubby had a good meeting this am - another successful project this afternoon - my preschooler is singing - my little one is napping - I get to be good Mommy and pick up the other two from school (kindergartner loves his tennis class - 8 th grader all caught up in school elections, friends' birthdays - just fun).

So... I've been thinking (and this is my request), and... while I love it when all my friends chat with me in person about my blog, my ideas, their input, etc.... I would like it if everyone would contribute comments and get some nice discussions or info. sharing sessions going. I promise to revamp the layout so we can all see comments, etc.

....which brings me to my announcement..... The magazine girl in me wants to keep doing a bi-monthly or monthly magazine-like forum (like I did a few weeks ago - recipes, tips, etc.). After some thought, it looks like ONCE a month is going to be best - on or around the 15th.

OK - so.... I do have a photo today (me on my b-day this year - June 2009 - with all my kiddies - in keeping with the happy vibe)... Don't forget to get in sharing / chatting mode, all!

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