05 October 2009

A silly wish list ... just 10 ....

I wish I had fruit trees in my backyard (have great memories of pitting sour cherries for my Mom's pies or climbing these great gnarled apple trees in my backyard as a kid then eating the small, tart, green apples off the ground with my friends... good pies there too).

I wish I was still a vegetarian (some days - other days, not so much - having some chef aspirations).

I wish I was 30 lbs lighter (not because I want to be a size 4 or 6 like I was 5 years ago, but because I need clothes that fit - I am beyond "frugalista" these days).

I wish my husband and I had families that actually spent time with us and with our children (and liked it - cuz... holidays, birthdays, etc. would be so much better...).

I wish I could still talk to my Dad - just once a week (I do talk, but... now that he's gone, he doesn't answer, and I wish he would :-).

I wish I had some sort of contributing income to the household (still looking...).

I wish I had connections in the fashion industry (on a similar note, I also wish that my kids and I .... and my hubby - if he wants - all had walk-in closets!).

I wish my house wasn't so cluttered (toys, clothes, towels, snacks - all necessities, right?).

I wish I was first or second on someone's list to call for a quick lunch, a movie, a retail therapy outing - whatever (besides my husband's, right?)...need a couple "girlfriends" a la Sex in the City ;-). I'm not very good at making friends, so... maybe that's the core wish - to be better at that :-).

I wish I had time to take daily walks or runs in the park or down my neighborhood's pretty tree-lined streets - maybe through the little section of town with the bakery, the yoga studio, the corner store....

AND ... OK this goes beyond 10 .... I wish for peace, but... not in the ordinary sense or the "what you probably think I mean" way.... I wish that people would find peace within themselves and learn to appreciate what they have - the people around them, their kids, their homes - whatever - lives in general. I think, in that way, that maybe people would treat others better, learn not to begrudge others what they have - reach out a bit to those in need. I mean.... maybe.... it's one of my absurd wishes today anyway....


amy ambrusko said...

I don't think your wish list is silly at all. I have wished for many of the same things. And if you're looking for someone to have lunch or go to a movie with, let me know. The most important things in my life are my friends and I know for sure that I can never have too many.

Emily said...

A pretty substantial list of wishes, I think. Someone sent me an email thing today - one of those answer-the-questions-and-pass-it-on things. And one question was what do I want right now? And I said peace of mind. So, you know, great minds think alike. :-)

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes on my FB page!!