29 October 2009

Popcorn Lunch

My two youngests are, admittedly, rough kids. I mean, how many times a week do I leave preschool or kindergarten pick-up in shame - kids fighting, screaming, swinging their jackets at the kind teachers trying to help, yelling at other parents who hold the door for us??? Years ago, I would have chastized the parent who let his / her children behave that way.... Now, however, I know there is nothing to be done. Discipline, love, daily routine - every child is different ;-).

On these days, when the three of us are alone together, I try to roll with it. They are, of course, also picky eaters - plus one wants to go upstairs - one wants to be down - both want to be right on top of me all the time. So... lately.... I have begun taking short walks around our little block - sometimes with tricycle and doll stroller - sometimes with the big Radio Flyer wagon. This week, umbrellas, rainboots, jackets and lots of fallen golden leaves to slosh through on the sidewalk. This tames them, and I love it - fresh air - my little cupcakes sweet like they usually are - no tantrums - no stares from disapproving peers. When we come in, I pop popcorn and we sit and watch Noggin. Paradise.

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