31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

So far so good - attended one pumpkin carving party, have dealt with a couple of late-breaking costume changes, got our own pumpkins carved, had Thriller Thursday at school plus a really cool costume parade (even our two and three year olds participated), our oldest daughter's soccer team won the championship after a pretty muddy battle (five year old finished his season happy with Coach Daddy), Made a food, diaper and money donation to the Foodbank (they are in select grocery stores until 8 Nov, so.... grabbed some extra food and nappies while I was shopping plus threw in a few dollars from my wallet), have had the appropriate amount of balmy, windy, leaf-blowy type evenings out with the neighbors and kids ..... Looking forward to more (and have a cauldron full of candy to prove it)! Still have potluck with the neighbors and trick or treat......a little rainy, but...

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