20 August 2009

Some Sunshine and Some Retail

First the sunshine - my beautiful kids at the beach!

Then - the retail (just a little bit - have been meaning to post some stuff in time for back to school but my brood is incredibly high maintenance these days)....

Requires some leg work but is a great community of helpful shoppers who post a lot and does have some good coupon-type assistance in the way of free shipping, some percentage off ,etc. - huge variety of retailers: http://www.retailmenot.com

Members only sites with some great trendy designer buys. Get on a waiting list and wait for the OK (a little obnoxious but worth it, I'm told - wouldn't know personally as I am still on list, but...). Endorsed / promoted by Real Simple mag: http://www.giltgroupe.com and http://www.giltfuse.com .

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