03 August 2009


OK - so my two oldests are doing camp this week - one the "magical" Sheldon Calvary Camp on the lake in Conneaut, Ohio - the other the kindergarten prep week at St. Bede School. I'm home with the two youngests all week, and... believe me... it will be interesting.

The older two (a boy and a girl) are self-directed, focused, independent kids. The younger (a boy and a girl) two are prone to tantrums, like to fight and enjoy getting into trouble (i.e. throwing toys as opposed to playing with them - the three year old is an amazing little artist yet he would rather scribble on both he and his little sister's arms, legs, etc. with a marker - and... usually, I would laugh, but their collective lightening speed in getting into these situations is alarming!!!;-).

Anyway..... have been looking at the camp web site off and on to check in on the 13 year old (looks likes she's having a great time - we are, incidentally, not allowed to contact them while there), and... I've been preparing myself for the inevitable hole that the 4 (soon to be 5) year old will leave when he's gone all day (my sweet little guy - for the past two years, I have been anxiously racing to get him midday when preschool ends - his presence is a calming one - and, for some reason, he feels like my baby - we waited so long to have another baby after the first - almost 8 yrs, and we were all so excited for him - and he is so gentle - I don't know - I think even my 13 year old feels that way - that our little guy is growing up - leaving the two wild ones to handle :-). I'll miss having all 4 around, I guess (won't miss the piles of laundry, dishes and debris that having them all home all summer brings).

A transition week, I guess.....

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