21 August 2009

Out with the old....

... and in with the new, right? Sometimes when a series of "unfortunate events" (this week - forgetting a story hour, forgetting an orthodontist appointment, a bad fall complete with dripping blood, a fight between preschoolers - worse than I've ever seen, an antique desk ruined, a Japanese mobile for our youngest's room chosen lovingly by her big sis and daddy - totally broken to bits, an envelope of cash lost - I know it's here somewhere - $100+ in "fun money", etc. etc.) befalls us :-), it is time to take a deep breath, regroup, reorganize and launch something "new and improved". In this spirit: I give you my new format:

recipe idea
retail tip of the week
photo gallery
new product highlight
great find
organization tip
something cool for kids
something cool for adults

Launch date: 7 Sept 2009
See you then!

1 comment:

Michele James-Parham said...

wow...I can't wait. Oh, and when you find your "fun money", will you come use your skills to locate mine?!