20 August 2009


At the end of most days, despite being a bit of a prima donna thrown into fulltime SAHM status, I try to think on the little things I would miss - or -that I will forget if I don't - well, I think the old cliche fits here - stop and smell the roses a bit - the roses here being the little wonderful things that pop up daily in a life with children (of all ages).

Sure - the trip to the park or playground can get stressful with little ones running in different directions, potty-training going horribly wrong or tantrums erupting every half an hour, but... the little moments like filling a sippy cup for a thirsty toddler, watching a proud preschooler tackle the climbing wall or buying the kindergartner an ice cream at the corner hot dog stand can be so great.

Listening to your baby babble the three year old's name, and the three year old laughing in return - teaching the four year old to write his name or loving it when he asks to hear a book again.

I mean - these days won't last - so... savor the wonderful with the trying because in the end, it's all good. Just now - at midnight - after an evening of "I can't sleep", dirty dinner dishes that went on forever and endless requests from the middle schooler for merchandise and complaints about braces, my mind races thinking of the fun things I've done with all of them in the past few years - racing the 13 year old in the pool, freestyle, when I was 6 months pregnant then her saying (when I won :-), "when you have the baby, we're going to race butterfly!" - having coffee and treats with the three year old after his weekly gymnastics class - taking long walks with the now four year old back when he was only two or so; he would ride his "car car", and I would have his baby brother in the Baby Bjorn, and we would walk the whole neighborhood, looking at flowers, butterflies and doggies - playing dollies and tea party with my 22 mo. old, who is just discovering her interests and likes to put her dollies to bed or feed her stuffed kitty or just have a snack with Mommy :-).

I write a lot down, and I take a lot of pictures and videos. I do get bogged down worrying about the house, the yard, school, extended family craziness, money and just being organized, but I really do try to remind myself all the time of the beauty in this life of mine. It's not hard to do - just have some momentary lapses now and then.

So... pontification and soapbox performance behind me.... time to move into my new realm and share what I've learned as a SAHM who embraces her responsibilities. I am grateful each day for how I've been forced to grow in this role and for the options it has opened for me. Of course, I can become a better cook - learn about organic gardening - read other blogs and individual perspectives on life - write my thoughts on people and life down - impart my retail savvy on others - start a business - become a volunteer - explore new careers - whatever.......

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