01 January 2011

Welcome 2011

Not that 2010 was bad; it was actually quite good. I am just anxious to start a new year - I really am (I am also anxious for everyone's "winter break" to end - schlepping teenagers from shopping to movies to sleepovers is getting old as is trying to pick up the remnants of Christmas AND keep all three little ones fed and occupied and in clean clothes and on some semblance of a schedule - I mean, they wanted chips for breakfast today and I allowed it.... uh oh).

So what did you do to ring in the new year? Hubby and I went to the gym together yesterday (at which time, I carried my new Adidas by Stella McCartney gym bag :-) - browsed Anthropologie a bit - hit Whole Foods for some treats - and had lunch at BrGr (see photo - and, yes, that really is a side of gravy, friends, with my turkey burger, which tastes like Thanksgiving on a bun - yum - glad I strayed from my "tree hugger" veggie version for a day - and hubby is partaking of the Festivus ale, which was very mild and tasty...). Anyway - a nice day. We came home, fed our wee ones, sent the teen up the street to her annual get together, and... made ourselves some eggnog and a blackberry crumble with fresh whipped cream while we watched The American (which was OK)...... we are boring, but we know what we like ;-). Of course, there was the texting Happy New Year to Olivia at midnight - the countdown with hubby here - the quiet (aside from some neighbor's fireworks) otherwise :-).

So ... have a pleasant day, all. I know everyone's eyes are on the rain and the pending "Winter Classic" hockey game, so... good luck with all that ;-). We are off to dinner with family later - have a lot of laundry catch-up and Good Will bag packing to do (all those discarded and forgotten toys - tsk tsk).

2011. Wow.

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