30 July 2009

The Taboo of "Trendy"

Similar to my love / hate relationship with bacon is use of / but dislike for the word "trendy". I never liked being called "trendy" - certainly never considered myself entirely trendy (sure, photos of me as a kid in the '80's make me cringe - neon? mauve lip gloss? blond stripe in bangs? - as well as alternate bouts with preppiness and grunge / granola in the '90's), but... I do appreciate anyone who admits to being an occasional trend-follower - albeit with a firm base in "I know who I am".

I am increasingly wary of the people who constantly "remind me" who they are. Oh - you know me - I love to hike (make that - wear hiking boots and talk incessantly about the earth) - I'm the nutrition police in the house (with McDonald's bags hidden under the seats in the minivan) - I only do organic (really? I didn't know that the beer and hot dog I saw you eat a week ago were organic. Hmmm....). It is sometimes refreshing to sit down with someone who admits to liking Starbucks coffee over the corner mom and pop cappucino kiosk - who proudly wears her "everyone has it", nondescript Coach bag on her shoulder - and who freely admits to not initially supporting Obama. I mean, dig deeper - maybe she also has a fun, biting sense of humor - or knows a lot about art - or reads more than you do..... No one is any ONE THING.

I think that admitting to being a "trendy mom" sort of absolves me of any insincerity in my blogs. Like... I hope no one takes me too seriously :-). I like being a "cafe" because the idea of sitting, hanging, enjoying, talking, exchanging... ANYTHING.... really appeals to me. Live and learn. Watch kids at play sometimes.... that's what they do - even if they don't apply or process their new info. until later. Maybe a lesson to learn??

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Anonymous said...

I never thought before about how kids are in learning overload for years and years! Interesting...