31 July 2009

A Daily Discipline

Like making my bed or doing my morning ab crunches, I'm trying to make this a daily routine. I usually have time in the am to reflect, project, think, rant - whatever. Will try to keep it up. It clears my mind - directs me a little.... Once I've analyzed a topic - however insipid it might be - I am prepared for other such tasks (which room to clean - how to face another day of "what goes to good will - what do we keep?" - do I have time to meet with hubby on our new pending project? - as you can see, reflecting inward and / or outward for even a couple minutes does help me move it all forward). I am, by the way, a huge fan of daily disciplines - exercise, healthy meals, clean at least one "space" in your home, yes - make the bed, put shoes away, find a spot for your pjs.....

This morning.... coffee with honey, three year old bacon addict has decided popcorn makes a good breakfast, and I'm allowing the Wii (Indiana Jones for the four year old) earlier than usual today (looks like a long rainy one). Today's photo is my oldest girl and one of her very good friends during a ski trip last year. Add to that daily discipline list - AT LEAST one really positive, fun thought a day ;-).

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