29 July 2009

Musings on Bacon

So .. this is so strange....Yesterday, it appeared that bacon, of all things, was a prominent component to my day. I made it in the morning for breakfast (my three year old has decided that, aside from peanut butter, it is the only other "protein" in his diet, so we now make it a lot) and .... actually found myself thinking about it - bacon, that is - on so many levels.

How the bacon at Trader Joe's is less expensive, but... the bacon at Giant Eagle is sliced thinner and goes further (twice as many pieces in pkg.) in feeding a bunch of hungry, bacon-lovin' kids.

How I, once a vegetarian who found bacon revolting, now kinda likes the flavor and can even distinguish the different type - the applewood smoked as opposed to the saltier just plain cured bacon (I guess - I mean - I'm still a "bacon beginner", so....).

How, as a kid, I do have a memory of my mom, who has roots in the south, giving me a bacon and mustard on white bread sandwich for breakfast (I was always a "breakfast on the fun" kind of person - usually had dance or gymnastics on weekends - did not like to get up for school during the week).

How doing the Emeril Lagasse method of baking it in the oven is ruining by once lovely Williams Sonoma pan.

Anyway....I get my Pop City Pittsburgh email this morning (www.popcitymedia.com), and... there is an article on a blogger who calls himself Mr. Bacon Pants and has founded some group called Bacon Nation. Hmmmm..... conspiracy - coincidence - message from above???? Who knows, right? I've also just noticed a post on the food blog I follow about "death by chiles - is it even possible?" - and that exact subject came up this weekend too. Weird.

OK - today's photo of the day was also from a little over a year ago - and features another family favorite food (along with a very messy house :-(- cupcakes! My four year old's "snack du jour" when it is his like his birthday or his turn to bring in a party treat at preschool. Funny that he is figuring prominently into the photos this week - I guess he's in the forefront of my mind right now as we are trying to make his name more legible before we attempt kindergarten in Sept.....


Pittsburgh Midwife said...

Do you need more bacon? Maybe, so here you go...

Anonymous said...

Patrick and I are of the mind that bacon makes everything better. Someone else from Pittsburgh sent me a Mr. Baconpants thing on Facebook. Will have to check that out.

Kim said...

Wow...you have been busy on your blog! I better get my slacker butt busy writing! This bacon piece reminded me of Jim Gaffigan's bacon jokes. Seen them? Go to youtube for a listen...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSjXeqA8Iow
Very funny!